Radiance Renewable


Board of Directors

Manikkan Sangameswaran

Executive Director & CEO

Manikkan Sangameswaran

Executive Director & CEO, Radiance Renewables

  • Over 27 years of experience
  • Previous roles include:
  • Founder of Origin Renewables, now a part of Radiance
  • President and Co-head Infra at ICICI Venture Fund
  • Managing Director at Babcock & Brown India
  • Executive Director at ABN AMRO
  • Associate Director at UBS Securities

Prasanna Desai


Prasanna Desai

Director, Radiance Renewables
MD & Head of Operations, EverSource Capital

  • Over 27 years of experience
  • Formerly COO at Kiran Energy Solar
  • Previous roles include:
  • Executive Director at F&C REIT AM
  • Director at KPMG CF
  • Vice President at Citigroup

Satish Mandhana


Satish Mandhana

Director, Radiance Renewables
Senior Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, EverSource Capital

  • Over 38 years of experience
  • Pioneer in creating scaled platforms
  • Formerly Managing Partner and CIO at IDFC Alternatives:
  • Made 28 investments
  • Deployed USD 1.0 billion
  • Full / part monetization of 26 investments

Management Team

Amit Kumar Mittal

Head of Operations

Nitin Bhatia

Head - Corporate Finance

Gaurav Srivastava

Financial Controller

Vinay Balan

Vice President – Human Capital Management

Suneera Tandon

Lead – Legal

Santosh Pawar

Company Secretary

Commander Vishal Jain

Lead - Project Management

Mallikarjuna Ukkadala

Lead - Asset Management

Kumud Ranjan


Omkar Sawant

Lead – Health, Safety & Environment

Adity Bhardwaj

Lead – Human Capital Management