Radiance Renewable


We offer customised solutions.

Radiance Renewables offers multiple business models based on the needs and requirements of its customers to maximize savings while complying with relevant regulatory frameworks. Throughout all our projects, we take up the responsibility of working together with our customers and technical partners to provide most cost-effective solutions while complying with best practise in performance monitoring, continuous quality management and maintaining the highest Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) policies and standards.

We provide an end-to-end partnership solution in 3 phases.

The Radiance Renewable Project Lifecycle



and customer

renewable energy

Engineering &

Construction &

Best in class
components and
expert led site

High- quality
installation and

Operations &


Performance and
insuring long term/
lifecycle efficiency
of installation

Focus on output,
learning, effective
management and
corporate goverance

Phase 1:
Evaluating, Design Thinking & Planning

Outcome: Recommending the correct and customised renewables solution for our customers

  • Studying the requirements of our customer
  • Site visits and inspection by our technical team
  • Designing of the most appropriate system taking into consideration the technical, commercial & regulatory requirements and constraints
  • Site orientation and shadow effects
  • Power evacuation modes
  • Fire safety and security requirements in line with standards

Phase 2:
Engineering & Installing

Outcome: Setting up the renewable solutions on or off site

  • Engineering, procuring, installing, integrating and commissioning of the solar power system at the customer site or at an offsite location for open access projects

Phase 3:
Proactive Asset Management

Outcome: Operating and maintaining the renewable energy plant in a smooth, efficient and best in class manner with zero headache for the customer

  • Proactive Asset Management of the renewable energy assets over the contracted period
  • OPEX optimization with increased efficiency & energy delivery
  • Optimal Operations with an aim to maximize production with minimized cost

Futuristic Solutions

Radiance Renewables also offers services in the following areas:

Solar and Battery Storage/Hydrogen
Hybrid Solutions

  • Commercial and Industrial Greenfield Development and Operational Infrastructure Assets/Platforms
  • Customized Solutions as per client’s requirements
  • Proven and recognized technology solutions and services

Wind and Solar Hybrid Solar Solutions

  • Commercial and Industrial Greenfield Development and Operational Infrastructure Assets/Platforms
  • Supply & Integrating Hybrid power for lower Levelized Cost of Electricity
  • Personalised turnkey projects, Engineering, Procurement and Construction scope and Operations and Maintenance

Other forms of Generation

  • Hydro/Geothermal
  • Choosing best in class energy source
  • Constructive use of waste for reducing CO2 emissions