Radiance Renewable


Who are we?

Radiance Renewables is one of India’s fastest-growing renewable energy power developer. Incorporated in 2018 as a technology and innovation leader, it aims to provide custom built affordable solutions that deliver economic savings to customers. Continuously expanding strategically, it is an organisation that is built on four key pillars.


Radiance Renewables is a dynamic firm that delivers quality, decisiveness and renewable (green energy) solutions with the help of cutting edge talent and the latest technology.


Radiance Renewables is a green business, partnering with its customers to provide economic value and offset their carbon footprint while creating sustainability across the value chain, including ecosystem partners, the environment, and investors.


Radiance Renewables is a dependable company that ensures cost and energy effectiveness as well as carbon avoidance while always being accessible to customers and partners.


Radiance Renewables is a resilient and flexible organisation, adapting to the needs of individual customers while creating renewable energy projects, and ensuring that they are delivered smoothly.

The Radiance Lineage

Radiance Renewables Private Limited has been promoted by Eversource Capital, India’s leading climate impact investor. Eversource Capital is an equal joint venture between Everstone Group, one of Asia’s premier investment manager with assets in excess of US$7 billion across private equity, sustainability and climate impact, logistics, digital and venture capital; and Lightsource bp, a global leader in development and management of solar energy projects.

Eversource manages India’s largest climate impact fund with anchor investments from India’s National Investment & Infrastructure Fund and UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).


Energised by Innovation

At Radiance Renewables, we believe that innovation is a result of vision, creativity, ambition, and ― in our case ― high-end engineering. Our approach to delivering renewable energy solutions is powered by innovation across all the stages of our projects. We flexibly adapt to all challenges and resolve them quickly, enabling our teams to move forward with momentum and energy. At the core of the Radiance Renewables business, lies the intrinsic will to explore new pathways, as well as a deep-rooted fascination for technology and alternative energy solutions.

This unique mix of passions drives all the departments of Radiance Renewables to constantly re-invent and improve their products and approaches with the help of the latest technology, out-of-the-box design thinking, and world-class engineering, resulting in the best solutions for partners, investors, and clients.

Our Vision

  • We lead.

    At Radiance Renewables, we aim to be an innovative, forward-thinking and technology-driven leader in renewable energy solutions for commercial, industrial and residential consumers in India.

  • We partner.

    Our mission is to build long-lasting partnerships that continue to deliver turn-key renewable energy solutions in India through insight, innovation, trust & technology - The Radiance Way

  • We eco-enable.

    Our clients can rely on us to support them in building their own sustainable, green brand identity. This approach guarantees a win-win situation for our clients as well as for Radiance Renewables, as it improves both the firm’s reputation and performance.

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CSR / Giving Back

At Radiance Renewables, we take pride in pro-actively leaving a positive mark, and of being conscious of our social and environmental impact on the world. Our policy is simple: with every decision we make, we consider the effect of the same on all the stakeholders involved.

We call this process ‘Creating Shared Value’: While constantly innovating and improving economical solutions for our clients, investors and partners, we simultaneously generate benefits for the people who work with us, and for the nature and wildlife that surrounds our projects.

COVID-19 Response in Karnataka

When times get tough, the first instinct is to hold on to resources. However, at Radiance Renewables we decide to take the opposite route and extend our hand to share what we have. When the initial spread of COVID-19 slowed down life and business across the country, Radiance Renewables, together with its local O&M partner Rays Power Infra distributed 64 grocery packages in the Gurmgera Panchayat in Karnataka, where both firms operate a 21MW solar project together. Each parcel contained rice, cooking oil, and spices, and the activity was well received by the local community.


As a corporate social responsibility policy, AT India Auto Parts Private Limited is committed to adopting environment-friendly systems, and reducing its carbon foot print. Radiance Renewables has done an excellent job for us. We are completely satisfied by the way its teams have put in all effort for the commencement of the project on time.

Hirofumi Kume

Managing Director
At India Auto Parts Pvt Ltd